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As our industry is compact, confidentiality is key to us. We make a clear statement towards our customers on confidentiality and will commit to special individual agreement if need be.


We take confidentiality seriously

We work in a compact industry. That is why our customers place special importance on the confidentiality of any information or knowledge we may obtain. We take utmost care, both formally and organizationally, to ensure that the highest level of confidentiality is guaranteed. Depending on the task at hand, we will even commit to individual and very extensive agreements with you.


We are happy to tell you more about our work in a personal meeting and evaluate whether we will be able to help you reach your own goals faster. Contact us for an appointment at short notice.

Each team member has at least 10 years of active work experience in the crane and lifting industry, some of us even more than 40 years. All of us held leading positions with great responsibility, working for top players in the industry.

In other words - you are speaking to 'insiders'. Your world is our world.

We take a pragmatic approach. We will not force consultancy concepts on you, we will adapt our way of working to your needs and the possibilities.


Putting things into practice jointly and achieving the best results for you is what is most important to us. Our approach is international, as we all live in a global economy. That is why we always consider international aspects in our consultancy work.

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