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Do you intend to sell your company or expand it through acquisitions? As expert consultants for the crane and lifting industry and in close collaboration with our partner Aquin & Cie. AG, we support companies globally in seeking out the right strategic partners, target companies for acquisition and prospective buyers.

ACS Consulting provides consultancy services for sales or acquisitions of companies in the crane and lifting industry in a national or international context. The team's many years of industry experience and broad industry knowledge provide a crucial benefit for making your sale or acquisition a success.


Selling a company

We have the technical and soft skills that will help you navigate through the complete sales or takeover process, from developing your strategy for the sale or acquisition to finding suitable companies and conducting successful negotiations. Throughout the process, we are supported by experienced accountants and lawyers. "Behind every sale is a person." This quote by Spencer Johnson clearly emphasizes why we focus on people in our work. Many of the players in our industry are medium-sized, family run businesses, and selling your company often means selling your life's work. Issues related to ageing and succession, illness, financial aspects or the company's economic performance are the most common reasons for a sale. Strategic decisions to focus on core competencies, the competitive situation or the need for internationalisation may also play a role. The earlier you start planning and the more carefully thought-out your plans are, the bigger are your chances of success

Company acquisitions

Our industry is characterised by small to medium scale series and an increasing degree of internationalisation. This forces us to constantly sharpen our own competitive edge. Acquiring companies or company interests is a pivotal means of doing so. Detailed strategic considerations and selecting and approaching the ideal candidates before the deal and the successful integration of the acquired company after the deal are decisive in making an acquisition a success.</p>\n<p>As 'neutral' industry insiders with a breadth of market information at our fingertips, we can provide lasting support in acquisition processes - from the strategic planning of a takeover to approaching target companies, conducting negotiations and, subsequently, integrating the business

Cooperation models and strategic alliances are other means of boosting your market position. We provide you with competent advice and match you with the right partners.

Das M&A Beraterteam


   Wolfgang Schorre         Martin Kanatschnig         Thomas Grauvogl           Bennet Former

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