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Fit for Europe?

Many companies in the hoist and crane business from outside Europe are interested in building up a European market presence. But how can that be done? Initial business trips to meet with a couple of European companies or attending trade shows are often the first steps companies take. However, this will not give you an idea of what the real obstacles to entering the market are. Technical standards, business customs, working processes and sales approaches are just a few of the many hard and soft issues that may stand in your way. All the more important for you to gain a full understanding of the relevant market conditions in order to develop an effective strategy for your business in Europe.


ACS helps foreign companies obtain a clear view of what to expect and what needs to be done. "Fit for Europe" is a consulting service that we offer at two levels. At the basic level, we conduct a study covering an analysis of your company, products and services. Based on this, we pinpoint several options for you to enter the market. The study also gives you an indication of market prices for the products you wish to launch and the expected costs of your market entry. Our advanced services include the development of a detailed action plan and practical assistance from our crane and hoist experts.

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