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Demand in China for about 10,000 travelling cranes per month.

This is the figure we determined in the course of our talks with crane manufacturers in China in autumn 2014. Which should be taken with a pinch of salt - there are no reliable figures, and even this one is the average of several market insiders' estimations. The market is simply too complex. However, it is clearly making continuous progress. Chinese companies are catching up in terms of quality and technical standards. It is only a question of time before Chinese components or crane kits appear on European markets. Or will the big European crane manufacturers start serving these markets with products manufactured in their plants in China? This is already happening, without it being widely known. The Chinese manufacturers themselves will also be present in our markets in a few years. How to react to these changes and whether German manufacturers stand a chance in the Chinese market: These are the questions ACS is already addressing today.

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