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"How can I, as a medium-sized crane manufacturer, survive over the long term faced with competition from large companies?"

The CEO of a US crane manufacturer asked us this question a couple of years ago. A question that most small or medium-sizes crane manufacturers need to ask themselves nowadays, seeing that big players such as KONECRANES are aiming for market shares of 30%, and in view of an increasingly globalised and international crane business. How can a medium-sized company compete with the big corporations and their global presence? How can a small player reduce or even completely prevent dependency on its main suppliers, with whom it competes at the same time? How can it, like the large corporations do, build up its own service and spare parts business so that it contributes substantially to revenues and income? Pressing questions, which require new, intelligent approaches in response.

In the specific case, we developed a strategic concept together with our customer, which became the answer to his question. Today, the company is largely independent and regularly generates two-digit profit margins.

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